Ian Hendry Biography

I have always been fascinated by the power and the subtle beauty of nature and its ability to evoke emotion;often powerful emotions, but more importantly to me, the more sublime. Nature has in itself the power to provide a restful tonic, a sense of wonder and a calm peacefulness that we all seek as an antidote to our ever increasingly hectic and un-natural lives. It is primarily through the use of light, the light in early morning or late afternoon, proceeding a storm or in the effusive light in the dead of winter that I seek my inspiration. From my training in graphic arts I also employ the use of negative space to achieve effects that appeal to the unconscious. I greatly admire the late nineteenth century artists, including Sargent, Crane, Metcalf, Church, Brown and Haseltine. Mr. Hendry grew up in the countryside of south-eastern Canada where as a young man he spent considerable time in the great outdoors of his native Ontario often with sketchbook or camera in hand. He studied graphic and industrial design in Toronto and then left Toronto for New York in the early ‘80’s where he worked in interactive electronic publishing as a graphic designer and computer-graphic artist. He continued his interest in photography having photographs published in both Time and Life magazines as well as winning national awards for his interactive informational databases. He also served as a consultant to many electronic publishing ventures including Time Inc.’s Teletex project, Prodigy, and Citibank’s home banking ventures. After moving to Connecticut in the late ‘80’s, Mr. Hendry resumed his interest in painting and studied at the Wooster School with Yale-trained American artist Alexander Shundi. Mr. Hendry moved to Memphis in the early 1990’s to raise his family and start a software engineering firm. After selling the firm in 1999 he continued to consult on software development and computer-related issues until recently when he re-connected with his love of painting and began to seriously study art history and classical painting techniques of the old masters and figurative painters of the 18th and 19th centuries. Mr. Hendry is now working out of his own studio concentrating on landscapes of the Delta and the occasional commissioned portrait.